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How to get a divorce if the family has children?
 If there are children in the family, a divorce can only be obtained through the courts. If your spouse agrees to a divorce, then the procedure for divorce will take about one month. In the case of a spouse against a divorce of one to two months.
How to recover alimony?
 If your spouse agrees to voluntarily transfer money for the maintenance of common children, in this case, the notary will be signed a maintenance agreement.
If the spouse does not want to voluntarily participate in the material support of the child, it will be necessary to apply to the court to issue a court order to collect child support if you wish to receive child support in part from the earnings. If you intend to receive alimony in a solid sum of money, then in this case you will have to file a lawsuit in court for the recovery of alimony.
What documents are needed for a divorce?
 In order to get a divorce in Ukraine, the following documents must be filed with the civil registry offices: marriage certificate (original or duplicate); passports spouses. If the decision will be made in court, the following is additionally submitted: the statement of claim; birth certificates of children;
What document confirms the dissolution of marriage?
 The final official document is a divorce certificate issued by the registry office.
If the court dealt with the issue of divorce (divorce) dissolution, then in such cases a court decision.
When can you divorce through the registry office?
Divorce through the registry office can be in the case of the consent of both spouses for a divorce and the second important feature is the lack of common children in the couple.
When can I divorce through court?
In court, marriages in which one of the spouses is against divorce are dissolved. In this case, the presence or absence of a couple of children does not matter. The decision to divorce the court will be made after it is established that the further stay in marriage is contrary to the interests of at least one of them, or the interests of children.
If the family has minor children, a divorce can only be obtained through the courts.
How long can you divorce in Ukraine?
The law provides for a mandatory period for reconciliation of the parties. In the registry office, it is one month from the date of application.
In court, the divorce will take from one to two months, even if the spouse does not agree to divorce.
What if the spouse does not want a divorce?
 The consent of the spouse in Ukraine is not mandatory for the dissolution of the marriage. If at least one of the spouses does not want to continue to live in the marriage, such a marriage is subject to termination.
When to divorce is prohibited?
 The law establishes a categorical ban on the dissolution of marriages on the initiative of a spouse whose wife is pregnant, or raising a child up to a year. The exceptions are cases when the issue of paternity of the baby is challenged in court.