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We will help you to resolve a family dispute

  • Marriage dissolution

The attorney for marriage dissolution will keep you away from communicating with your spouse (husband/wife) and dissolve a marriage in your absence, without consent of your spouse, without communication with a husband/wife, if there are children of marriage, or if you were married to a foreigner and want a divorce. We will request from the Civil Registry Office`s register an extract of marriage dissolution and apostille a marriage dissolution judgment.

  • Division of property

The attorney will handle all the hard work associate with the division of property while keeping you away from your spouse and without the need for you to be present in court. The attorney will also help to trace property, seizure property or register ownership.

  • Alimony recovery

The family attorney will help you to determine the alimony and recover child support from one of the spouses. The attorney will defend your interests before the departments of public enforcement service. We will assist to collect unpaid alimony and interests accrued. Also, we are able to recalculate alimony debt.

  • Determination of children's place of residence

The attorney will help to determine in court the order for communication with a child and the place of residence of a child. Also, we are ready to resolve other disputes: change of a child's surname, deprivation of parental rights and any other legal disputes associated with minor children.